There are all sorts of “backups” that you can use to ensure that your data is safe and should the worst happen you have a copy of it. It is essential that you should keep a backup of your data so that you do not lose it if your hard disk should fail.

Backup - handwritten text in a notebook on a desk - 3d render illustration.

Simple Recovery

People make mistakes, they forget passwords and they on occasions will accidentally open emails containing viruses or delete important files. If any of these things should happen to you contact us and we can usually sort the problem out for you. We can sort out your missing passwords issues in most cases, remove viruses and recover missing files and data.


In today’s ever-changing business climate, business owners must get what need as soon as they need it, access to your client base, accounts or files. Cloud computing gives users access to data wherever they have an internet connection. We can help you setup and run your cloud storage.