If your laptop or computer will not turn on, or is it overheating or making a strange noise?

Have you run out of space on your hard disk?

Our team can usually repair or upgrade your equipment. We will keep you informed all through the process keeping you updated on what is needed. We can also offer quotes for the work before start if you would like us to do that.

We will advise you if we think that the repair is not an economical one and then you make the final decision

Some of the services we offer:

  1. Backup Advice & Solutions
  2. Broadband Internet & Router Setup
  3. Data Recovery
  4. Data transfer
  5. Email Troubleshooting & Setup
  6. Hard Drive Upgrades
  7. Internet & Web Browser Repair
  8. Internet Browser Repair
  9. Laptop Battery Replacement
  10. Charging Problems – laptop, PC and tablets
  11. Laptop Keyboard Repair
  12. Screen Replacement – laptops and tablets
  13. New PC Setup
  14. New laptop Setup
  15. Optimisations of slow computers
  16. PC & Laptop Upgrades & Advice
  17. Printer Installation / Troubleshooting
  18. Router Setup
  19. Slow Computer Clean-up
  20. Software Installation
  21. Virus & Malware Removal
  22. WiFi Issues
  23. Windows Reinstall / Refresh/upgrades